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What's In The Box
/ Ján Martinek // Guitar, Lead Vocal, Lyrics /
/ Daniel Kalaš // Bassguitar, Vocals /
/ Otakar Šrám // Drums, Vocals, Percussions /

Recorded and mixed by Petr Kyrian (Studio Garage)
Mastering by Jiří Paška (Biotech Studio)

Album was recorded between March and April (2019) in Chotěšov, Czech Republic.


released September 26, 2019

Vocal accompaniment (Intro, Plastic Books) - Muzikálové Studio DJKT, Pilsen

Violin (Friday the 13th) - Adéla Švábová


all rights reserved



What's In The Box Pilsen, Czechia

Our band was formed on spring 2017 I think.

After two years full of practice, we are finally played some shows and recorded an album "MILK" which came out on 27th September 2019.

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Track Name: Next Level
I must try to reach next level
Cause I fell bad when I talk sh.t everywhere
Less euphoria too many posers
I'll f**k*n enjoy if you burn in hell

A lot of ideals I sense was wrong and
I did it so far before i wrote that
It's time to move on to the other side of
The world that I have not seen yet...

If I do my best
If I sweep it well
You can meet me there
I'll reach it and I swear - I'll reach it by myself
(Right now)
Track Name: Vitality
When I do something so full
That the heart pounds like a fool
Time slows down so quickly
Because I don’t lose my

I only have one
I should leave it
So it’s done soon
Lose my vitality

When I don’t overcome myself
I dont try to do just a half
But nothing is like eternity
As well as my own f**k*n (Life)

I lose my Vitality
Track Name: Transmissions
Over decades same goals
They will take our names, oh no
That we’ve been through your plans
Just remains what will ends

Transmissions will be lost

In a normal state it sucks
In a different way - good luck
Nothing will please you more than some
People looking for losts
Track Name: Routine Life
You look so useless dude
What I shouldn’t do
Is to live life only day by day
Like you
I know it’s pretty bad
Well I am ignorant
You and your routine life and I smile every day, day by day

Now tell me so
Where you go?
Only the liars pavers the way forward
At all stations
You proved that you’ve been lying every day, day by day by day by day

Things that describe you
The ones youve never known due to
People call them right behind your back
Like you
I know it’s pretty bad
Well I am ignorant
You and your routine life and I smile every day, day by day
Track Name: If You Rob a Dealer, He Won't Call the Cops
Someone told me you had
Never fit a gun
But If you rob a dealer
He won’t call the cops

Bring me another animal
Or other gods
Look at the skinny bitch that
Everybody fucks

Sometimes you must listen to dummies turds
Well I don’t wanna do this anymore
And I don’t need that shit too
Just like you...

It will make you happy
And kick your engines
After three days no more
You’ll be in defensive

The party is just starting
But we can hear some shots
Cause if you rob a dealer
He won’t call the cops

More! No More! No more! No more!
This is what I promise you...
More! No More! No More! No More!
But you know, I’m not so sure... (=
Track Name: It Tastes So Good
Once upon a time
We stopped having fun
And now we just remember
How good we were
We don’t have too much time left
To enjoy it
Sometimes I wonder if we’re really real...

Learn from faults
I think indeed
Everyone inside of me
Are you blind? What the hell you do?
Look around
Life tastes so good

If something goes wrong
It doesn’t matter
If it goes wrong again
You still don’t care
One thing is important
And it’s not granted
That if you’re stronger, you take care about yourself
Track Name: Plastic Books
Everybody fights all the time
And I am only sick and tired
Imagine what you could do instead of fight
Am I just alright? Right?

Is there anyone else to be soaked?
Or something else that could be smoked?
And please, don’t say any jokes
I don’t want to stay alone...

I wonder what you’ll do first
After you get rich and be so cool
Things will not be as good
As they looks in plastic books

Life is not about threats at all
It’s all about something more
If somebody bless us and ignore our problems and us. He must be cold.

If somebody bless us, we ignore our problems and ourselves - no more…
Track Name: Stupid Idiot
On the bank of us all, you feel so alone
We made some noise, now we’re searching for shelter
Pockets full off meds, that only smash your being
It was so easy back then, now it’s even easier...

Hey you, wake up, that’s your fault!
I did alot, but for what?

Joy and sadness in balance, no one’s gonna make it for you
You are frightend and, there’s nothing you can do
Whenever you feel sorry for, what you did or not
I feel the same as you, I would like to thanks alot

You always love to be the center of atention – But who cares…
At the time, so many things are hidden – When no one care…
No matter how hard you try, skills is what you haven’t – And you don’t care…
At the time, too many things are different – And that’s not fair…
Track Name: Let's Be Psycho Together
It was so much fun
I know how to light the fire
I said to you sorry
Well it’s my misery

You’re the only one
That really changed my mind
Things went bad so quickly
I almost collapsed

But you were there
To keep myself
Away out of the hell

Most of the time
I failed or lied
I’ve played too much solo
That’s not what you looking for

And now you see
I’m freak, I’m free
Let’s f..k, I’m so hungry
I cannot handle it

And I’m so sure
I’ll make some mistakes off too
I hope you’ll forgive me
I’ll keep a distance, lady

And in this way
You want a break
Ive started to be evil
Destroyed ourselves

Again, again, again
And now
I am in hell.
Track Name: Maybe
I’ll reach you maybe baby
Head up, I’m not leaving
Beware of what I could do
Protector, Doctor, Lector

I’m not scared
I’m frightened of what I had
We’ve fought for every chance
Cause maybe we were friends

I’m like a ghost
Search for killer’s ropes
It was bitter end
Cause maybe we were friends

I followed you, oh oh
We grew up and got old
Both of us had to choose
I swear I‘ve never used you
Track Name: Yesterday I Was Fine
I'm trying to live on my own
I'm thinking too much, I am alone
I still don't know who I am
And at this time it's pretty bad

Whered I go?

Yesterday I was fine, It was great
Yesterday I was fine for a while
Yesterday I fitted a smile, but too late
Yesterday I was fine in your eyes

There's an endless space without place
Where life doesnt end in a grave
No, I'm not stable anymore
When I was young I was so strong

So strong...

Beneath my smile
I bleed, You see
I know that stuff
Insane to be
Don't underestimate me
I only look for a help
When I was child I fought alot
Now I fight again

I was fine
I was fine
In your eyes
Track Name: Friday the 13th
I’m fine
It’s so sweet
I’ve never been luckier and
Its Friday the thirteenth

And my life was almost perfect before
I found out that nothing was really going on
And it hurts for no reason
I hope it doesn’t happen again

Sometimes is better to keep your mouth shut
Or they will fu*k*n want to see your blood

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